The Meadow & Ponds

One Cat Farm is set in a 3 acre meadow overlooking wildlife ponds and surrounded by hedgerows and trees in a hidden wooded valley. We live just up the lane in a traditional Welsh cottage.

Upon arrival, you can look out over the whole site to the rolling hills in the distance. In the foreground is the meadow which is yours to explore for the duration of your stay. It is a haven for wildlife with numerous birds, insects, small mammals and lizards all spotted regularly. On hot sunny days your ears will hum from the sound of grasshoppers in the long grass, and bees buzzing on wild flowers.

During the cooler months you will see chatterings of starlings whooshing by. You will probably hear them before you see them- a distinctive whooshing sound signals their arrival. If you are lucky they will put on a performance of their beautiful murmurations just for you.

The ponds provide a further habitat for frogs, wild geese, herons and otters, who visit at night during the winter months to steal fish. On hot summer days you can while away the time watching beautiful blue dragon flies flitting over the water.

The ponds have been fenced off for safety but you are welcome to wonder in and explore around them at your leisure. Please take care.

One Cat Farm is quiet, we don’t have noise pollution and at night there is no light pollution. ┬áJust the stars, the moon and the sounds of country life..