Environmental Stuff

The Green Stuff!



We care about the future of this lovely old planet that we live on and we are trying to incorporate care and support for the environment into everything we do at One Cat Farm. If we help to protect the environment then, you, our guests, can also feel happy that you are causing minimal impact during your stay here.

The following is a list of things One Cat Farm is doing with the environment in mind:

  • The dens and the Pig shed are super insulated and have double glazing throughout.  This means that, with care, we can use minimal energy to keep them warm and cosy during the colder months.  We do need our guests help with this one though.  If you turn the heater in your den on, please keep the door and window closed so that heat cannot escape.  If you go out during the day, then please, turn the heater off.  Because of the insulation, once warm inside, the dens should stay warm for a number of hours if the door and window are kept closed.  If you think you will be back late and are worried your den will be cold then we are more than happy to turn the heater on for you half an hour before your return (that’s how long it takes to warm up a cold den)  Just come and ask us.
  • We use local wood on the wood-burner and for the camp-fire wood.
  • We use an electricity provider (Green Energy) who source only renewable energy for their customers.  No Nuclear, Coal or Gas.
  • The water is heated using electricity.  This is because, in future, when funds allow, we hope to install PV panels on the roof of the pig shed and to then generate a large proportion of our own electricity and be (almost) self-sufficient.
  • The dens are semi-permanent structures which can be removed with minimal trace at the end of their lives.  Having said that they are built to last and we hope to get many more years use out of them.  The turf roofs make up for any ground ‘lost’ and provide an alternative habitat for wildlife to enjoy.  The main material used in the construction of the dens is wood which is carbon-neutral.


  • The Pig shed was an existing building which we have converted to reduce the use of extra raw materials.
  • Our sewerage system aerates the waste water produced on site and makes it safe to filter back in to the environment.
  • We encourage our guests to recycle whilst they stay with us.  Please ensure you wash and sort your old packaging to make this easier and more pleasant for us to do.
  • We encourage you to support local producers during your stay.  This helps to keep ‘food miles’ to a minimum.  There is a good local, organic vegetable farm shop in the village which is always open, a Butcher in Aberaeron who sells mainly locally sourced meat, Local brewers in Newquay (they are friends of ours so if you want to go for a tasting let us know), fresh local fish suppliers in Aberaeron and Newquay, and a vineyard just down the road. As well as being local they also make great tasting food and drink or else we wouldn’t suggest them.  Ask us for more info or directions .
  • We never use any chemicals on our land as we do not want to harm the resident wildlife and we hope our approach will encourage more biodiversity.  We also plan to plant more small, native trees on site.
  • We use environmentally friendly and natural cleaning products throughout.  Vinegar is a great window cleaner!  Most of the products we use are bought in bulk and we refill the containers.  This is why the washing up bottles look a bit old.
  • The toiletries that we supply are natural and the shampoo and conditioner come in refillable containers to minimise the unnecessary use of raw materials.
  • If you would like to minimise your carbon footprint during your stay with us, you can hire bikes.  Let us know and we will organise some for you.  It is a 20-minute mainly flat ride to Aberaeron and the coast, along small back roads and the old railway line.  Coming back there is one steep hill but other than that it is fairly easy.
  • We are constantly working to improve our environmental ‘credentials’ so expect this list to grow in the future…… and any suggestions from you are welcome.

We thank you for your help and support