Who We Are

We’re lovely Of Course!

We are Jessie and Lyndon, our three girls, Tabitha (10) Myfanwy (7) and Violet (4), Mogul the big ginger cat and Mopsie, the very naughty, very dirty dog.   We came home to our Welsh roots in 2013 after years of city living and are re-embracing life in the countryside.

We grew up locally, met at school and then left Wales for 20 years or so to explore the big wide world. Serial house renovators, foodies and nature lovers; One Cat Farm gives us the opportunity to live and to work in an area of the world which we love and provide our family with a free range upbringing like we both had.


Our commute is now a two minute walk down the drive, the kids go to school practically on the beach and we have made some lovely new friends as well as reconnecting with old ones. The children have embraced the new found freedoms of country living; beach life and picnics during the summer and puddle splashing and hill climbing in the winter.

Needless to say, ‘the’ cat also loves his new home, and has taken up bird watching and chicken stalking as his new hobbies. He has also found lots of comfortable places to sit and watch the world go slowly by.


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We can’t wait to meet you and share our lovely home with you!