What we are

A beautiful campsite of course!


We make traditional camping comfy. We aren’t too fond of the word ‘glamping’ but this is basically what we do. Come and stay and you can immerse yourself in the wild outdoors safe in the knowledge that at the end of the day, you will be warm and dry, whatever the weather. We add a little bit of luxury in too but this is luxury within the realms of camping in a field, not a 5 star hotel. We give you comfortable beds, heated dens, hot showers, and a well equipped kitchen along with some gorgeous scenery, starry skies and space to explore.


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Spend the day on a nearby beach, go for a long walk in the woods, or lie in the grass with a light breeze fluttering the pages of your book… and then retreat to your den, cosy up next to your own campfire and join up the dots in the night sky.

We want to send you home refreshed, inspired and reinvigorated for getting back into normal life.

Celyn Den